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IP ConfigurationVersion: VB6
Author: vikas jainSubmitted: 3/18/2008Downloads: 8285
Display all ip configuration of your computer related to network interface card like ethernet card ip, internet connection ip and all other wireless interface cards ip addresses.

Thief AnnouncerVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 2/14/2008Downloads: 7951
"Thief Announcer" is used in the Computer Labs and Browsing Centers for avoiding the mis use of the students.. It restricts some of the application and sites. If any one try to access that resricted site or application, the alarm immediately announcethe ...more>>

Disable Win32 SP3 Firewall ProtectionVersion: VB6
Author: VIKAS JAINSubmitted: 2/7/2008Downloads: 4130
Using this code one can disable Win32 SP3 firewall protection programatically.

Network WatchmanVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 1/5/2008Downloads: 10265
This Project is used to monitor all the client activities that are connected in a particular network. It also displays the users screen and do the message communication and Shut down the client.

Serial key registration with encryption algorithmVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Jonathan WarrSubmitted: 12/7/2007Downloads: 12948
This is a program which Generates a random serial which which is then encrypted and then can be input into a license key registration and it will decrypt it and make sure that it meets the algorithm.

File BackupVersion: VB6
Author: Supersoft TechnologiesSubmitted: 8/19/2007Views: 17407
This code keeps backup of three different locations at a time in regular interval as per set by the user. It also works through network.

Sign In Log CreaterVersion: VB6
Author: Sag-e-Attar Junaid AtariSubmitted: 7/22/2007Downloads: 6307
See what invalid passwords have been entered.

Block All Input Output PortsVersion: VB6
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 5/20/2007Views: 15316
Block All Input Output Ports In Single Line In Your PC.

Folder Security Version: VB6
Author: Ovais Ahmed s/o Shabbir ahmedSubmitted: 4/20/2007Downloads: 9813
This is my second application about folder security I hope you will enjoy it.

Change Password at Run TimeVersion: VB6
Author: vasSubmitted: 2/25/2007Downloads: 9306
Easy way to add/change/remove password to your program at runtime.

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