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Convert image and text to image to required h/wVersion: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: Abdullah AnwarSubmitted: 8/30/2015Downloads: 1703
This example demonstrates that how we can convert an image to specific height and width and then add a text paragraph to image and finally convert image and text to image. You can assign any font to the text you are going to write on the image. Feel ...more>>

Database Application in WebFormsVersion: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: Thanya MoolmuangSubmitted: 4/20/2015Downloads: 4411
Storefront application for a toy store. The main purpose of the project is to put various code snippets into a collection of codes for education and references for beginners.

XML read and write project in Version: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: Arindam GhoshSubmitted: 7/4/2014Downloads: 2296
An xml read and write project in Using this project you can read and write an xml file and create your xml contact list file. It is a very basic application. Learn the basic concept of xml document write.

Forum Website in ASP.NETVersion: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: ROHIT KUMAR MISHRASubmitted: 10/18/2013Downloads: 4057
This web application is based on 2010 and backend sql server 2008. Here you can see better use of repeater listview and ajax and other advanced tools of database is available into app_data folder I am providing solution.sln file with it yo ...more>>

Water mark Image Creation in Asp.netVersion: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: HemantSubmitted: 9/22/2013Downloads: 2588
Just try it this code for making images in Watermark in

CAPTCHA in Version: ASP.NET 3.5
Author: Arindam GhoshSubmitted: 8/10/2013Views: 7693
How to create a simple CAPTCHA using and with C#.

Image Crop in asp.netVersion: ASP.NET 2.0
Author: Abdullah AnwarSubmitted: 1/21/2013Downloads: 3052
This example demonstrates how to crop an image in First Upload image and save to respective folder and then crop and resave it.

Upload Multiple Files With JqueryVersion: ASP.NET 2.0
Author: Abdullah AnwarSubmitted: 1/18/2013Downloads: 3240
This solution demonstrates how to uploaded multiple files with jquery in

Chart Application in asp.netVersion: ASP.NET 3.5
Author: Abdullah AnwarSubmitted: 1/18/2013Downloads: 3800
This website solution creates chart for you by fetching data from sql server database and convert them into attractive charts.

Online ExaminationVersion: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: Sant PrakashSubmitted: 12/26/2012Downloads: 7713
How To Create Online Application In ASP.NET.

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