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Ultra File EncryptionVersion: VB4
Author: D. RijmenantsSubmitted: 9/19/2004Downloads: 6540
The ideal way to professional encryption from all types of files with a password. Simple and Clear interface. The program uses the strong ULTRA symmetric algoritmm, and there's an optional 'Private Crypto Code' for exclusive user groups. The files are enc ...more>>

Protected filesVersion: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 9/4/2004Downloads: 11817
Protect Files with Password. With this powerful program and code, you can make any file protected. You can simply choose a password (or use random password generator in any length you want) for your file and just sit back, relax, and see what the progra ...more>>

Registration Key based on computer nameVersion: VB6
Author: Milo FranklandSubmitted: 9/3/2004Downloads: 9290
How to create a registration key based on the computer name. This stops any machine using the same registration key.

EXE GuardVersion: VB6
Author: Milo FranklandSubmitted: 9/3/2004Downloads: 6713
Read the readme before you do anything 1st. Stops your personally selected exe files from running until a code has been entered.

System WatcherVersion: VB.NET
Author: Brad HarperSubmitted: 8/1/2004Downloads: 9522
How to set up a service to run 2 "Form type" applications. The system watcher app shows file changes and the process alert app tracks changes in processes, provided an alert message to the user via GUI. Good instructions on how to set up. Code is less tha ...more>>

ULTRA v1.0.3 File/Text encryption moduleVersion: VB5
Author: D. RijmenantsSubmitted: 7/26/2004Downloads: 5778
Very well documented sourcecode feat. strong and fast ULTRA symmetric encryption algorithm, OFB mode, variabel-lenght key, key quality check, data compression, string encryption to Crypto Message Format, full file handling support and error return codes w ...more>>

Key or Password quality checkVersion: VB5
Author: D. RijmenantsSubmitted: 7/26/2004Downloads: 6662
How secure is the password I use? Is my key easy to crack? This function checks the quality from your password or key and returns a rating value between 0 and 100. The returnvalue could be used to fill a progressbar to visualize the password quality, to r ...more>>

Simple Desktop LockVersion: VB5
Author: Eduardo D. Barrete JrSubmitted: 7/24/2004Downloads: 8304
This program will lock your desktop. It can trap you mouse cursor inside the form. It is only enabled after you put in correct username and password. This for beginners who want to learn security.

Access 97 password recoveryVersion: VB6
Author: SeanSubmitted: 6/26/2004Views: 14273
Forgot your access 97 password? Never fear, this function will hack the access 97 local file password. This wasn't made by me Sean); But I don't know the real Auther, I got it from some web site. So, whoever the author is, thanks for good code!!

Password ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 6/25/2004Downloads: 8600
You can use this application to store sensitive data like LoginID and Password in a secure database, using a user friendly interface. This application uses standard cryptographic algorithms.

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