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Create Standalone password-protected HTML filesVersion: VB6
Author: Josh RobinsonSubmitted: 5/23/2005Downloads: 6035
This program takes an HTML file, encrypts it based on provided password, and inserts VBScript into HTML file to decrypt the file once correct password is supplied.

Encryption & Unencrytion FuntionVersion: VB5, VB6
Author: MandiSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 18275
You may use this sample routine to encrypt and unencrypt a string.

PC LockVersion: VB6
Author: John PilulaSubmitted: 2/10/2005Downloads: 13321
This program has a cool XP interface on ALL Windows OS. It Locks the PC on demand in such a way that Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab...will not unlock it. Only a user set password.

Encrypter/DecryptorVersion: VB6
Author: Anuj sharmaSubmitted: 1/31/2005Downloads: 9314
This code mainly used to encrypt large amount of data files. You can select a file & the destination path of it with the help of common dialog box, and then it encrypt the data. In the same way you can decrypt the file also. you can encrypt any type of fi ...more>>

Encrypt messages with secure AES methodVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 1/20/2005Downloads: 8980
Description : AES is the Advanced Encryption Standard, which is the result of a three-year competition sponsored by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards (NIST). This encryption method, also known as Rijndael, has been adopted by NIST as a ...more>>

Monitors windows and system directoriesVersion: VB6
Author: ojasSubmitted: 1/11/2005Downloads: 7270
This program monitors win and system dir and tells user if any file gets added or some files removed from that folder.

Key Stroke AdvancedVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/22/2004Downloads: 9086
This application monitors key strokes and compares them against a keyword list (kw.txt). If any keyword is typed it takes a screenshot, records username and 100 keystrokes before and after typing the word. It has a separate administrator log, detailing a ...more>>

A class for all your encryption needs Version: VB.NET
Author: NikhilSubmitted: 10/4/2004Views: 31504
This is a class for all your secutity needs ! This contains methods to encrypt and decrypt any given string. So if you wanna pass something like an employee id or a password in the query string, feed it to this class once, get it encryted and then have no ...more>>

Attack Tool Kit (ATK) 2.1Version: VB6
Author: Marc RuefSubmitted: 9/27/2004Downloads: 7411
The acronym ATK stands for Attack Tool Kit. It was first developed to provide a very small and handy tool for Windows to realize simple security checks. But more and more the utility grows and allows in the meanwhile to do full security audits as like oth ...more>>

SafeNote encryptionVersion: VB4
Author: D. RijmenantsSubmitted: 9/20/2004Downloads: 5487
SafeNote is an easy an secure way to encrypt notes. This text-editor encrypts your text using the ULTRA cipher and stores it in usn files with the Crypto Message Format. It has an easy to use clipboard encryption and supports steganography, the hiding of ...more>>

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