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Worm removerVersion: VB6
Author: EndarSubmitted: 1/10/2007Downloads: 6473
Worm remover with crc,string value and name of virus or worm to identify. You can update manualy a database and easy to use.

Random String Generation in VB.Net 2005Version: VB 2005
Author: Dawood AzizSubmitted: 1/5/2007Downloads: 6424
Random String Generation in VB.Net 2005

Lock Desktop With RamVersion: VB6
Author: Ram S. NalawadeSubmitted: 10/28/2006Downloads: 7300
This is a Desktop Locker which will Lock The desktop. It is different From Other Desktop Locker Because It will not Show you the text box until you go to that Position. Meaning until and unless you go to x=0 and y=0 position. So it is difficult to crack ...more>>

Encryption and decryption textVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: samnetSubmitted: 9/27/2006Downloads: 12714
This program encrypts and again decrypts and saves to a given file name. It uses the RC2 algorithm. You have to create an input text file and save it in the bin directory.

Password Manager Final BetaVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 8/30/2006Downloads: 8202
You can use this application to store sensitive data like LoginID and Password in a secure database, using a user friendly interface. This application uses standard cryptographic algorithms. This is an update to my previous submission supporting Command ...more>>

MS-Outlook Alert Killer sub programVersion: VB6
Author: KrishnaSubmitted: 8/2/2006Views: 10023
This program is to disable the Outlook alert "A program is accessing ur e-mail addresses stored in Outlook"...Will be killed within 2 mins without interruption of user using sendkeys.... U can reduce time from 2 mins---Xmins/Secs by modifying code

Password Auditing in distributed environmentVersion: VB6
Author: thedaywalkerSubmitted: 7/4/2006Downloads: 5157
It finds the password from the MD5 hash value and it uses bruteforce method to find password. it uses distributed computing concept to distribute its workload to oher computers and reduces the uses MD5.dll to find hash for every password and ex ...more>>

Encrypt messages with secure AES method UPDATEVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 2/23/2006Downloads: 7120
A textCrypt application to encrypt/decrypt text messages. This application can also create a shared key, and can encrypt/decrypt messages encrypted with the key. The key is protected with a private password. The application use the Rijndael AES algorithm. ...more>>

SDES Algorithm implementationVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: M.SivaKumarSubmitted: 12/18/2005Downloads: 6325
SDES algorithm is symmetric key encryption algorithm which accepts the 8 bit plain text to produce 8bit cipher text using two 10 bit keys.this is efficient implementaion using functions in .net

Implementation of RSA AlgorithmVersion: VB6
Author: Harish Kumar RadhakrishnanSubmitted: 8/7/2005Downloads: 11534
This project is about implementing the RSA algorithm. It may have some bugs but very very quick in producing results. It uses modulo-Encryption- Algorithm for finding the huge values like (2589 to the power of 6584)Mod2475.

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