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AJAX AutoCompleteExtender using Page MethodVersion: ASP.NET 2.0
Author: BNSubmitted: 8/18/2008Views: 24009
AJAX AutoCompleteExtender using Page Method

Disable Right Click Popup MenuVersion: VB6
Author: Nikunj BhattSubmitted: 8/5/2008Views: 15533
This is can be used for many type of controls, mainly for textbox, to make the user unable to open the right click popup menu. User will need only an extra Timer control for this. No need for SendMessage, Hooking or any other API. Put a Timer control ...more>>

Disable EFFECT of Right Click Popup MenuVersion: VB6
Author: Nikunj BhattSubmitted: 8/5/2008Views: 8372
This a method of disabling the EFFECT of right click popup menu, for mainly Textbox like controls. My earlier method was by using a timer control which actually disables the right click menu for a subtle time. Now this is by using a Label and this just d ...more>>

Get and set a new printerVersion: VB 2005
Author: Heinz PrelleSubmitted: 7/31/2008Views: 14989
Get and set a new printer.

Number to Text conversionVersion: VB6
Author: Dinesh GSubmitted: 4/25/2008Views: 16419
This function converts number to text in the range 0.00 to 999999999.99

How to make content of RichTextBox unselectableVersion: VB6
Author: Yash BhardwajSubmitted: 4/8/2008Views: 10284
In many situations, if you want to display some text in your application and side-by-side you want to prevent the user from copying the content. One way to implement this use label, but label do not support the formatting of the text and RTF formats. So i ...more>>

Editing MSFlexGrid in vb6Version: VB6
Author: Gaurish SalunkeSubmitted: 4/5/2008Views: 22349
As you all know that by default we cannot write in MSFlexgrid. In order to edit the records in MSFlexgrid we need to explicitly write a code. This is how it works. We drop a text box on the form. Now whenever we click on any of the cells in the gri ...more>>

File Folder Hirerchy to XMLVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: AjaySubmitted: 2/23/2008Views: 9944
This code generates an XML file in the given directory with contents same as Explorer hierarchy. It also displays the files size and change date including folders description like Number of files or folders. It can be used when you want to make a CD/D ...more>>

midReturnVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: MacLeod BroadSubmitted: 2/8/2008Views: 9159
Return the substring between two strings. For Example: the phrase "The cow likes to eat green grass in the field." midReturn("to eat "," grass", ""The cow likes to eat green grass in the field.") Would return "green"

Work With OracleDependencyVersion: VB 2005
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 2/7/2008Views: 11269
'With the introduction of Oracle Database 10g Release 2, you have a new option that addresses the 'Limitations inherent in previous approaches to dealing with changing data: database change notification. 'When you use database change notificati ...more>>

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