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Alphabetize version 2Version: VB 2015
Author: Gideon IsaacSubmitted: 10/10/2016Downloads: 225
This new version lets you find all routines in a vb project that have a particular string, and do not have another string. The old version let you do that with only one word in each case. Other improvements were made too.

Alphabetize or Filter Visual Studio VB routinesVersion: 
Author: Gideon IsaacSubmitted: 6/4/2016Downloads: 161
This lets you alphabetize your VB routines, structures, classes, enums, and properties. It also lets you filter - so you can view only routines that contain a string such as "sqlConnection" or view only routines that have but lack Conn.close. ...more>>

XML read and write project in Version: ASP.NET 4.0
Author: Arindam GhoshSubmitted: 7/4/2014Downloads: 1350
An xml read and write project in Using this project you can read and write an xml file and create your xml contact list file. It is a very basic application. Learn the basic concept of xml document write.

Login Web Through IMAPVersion: VB 2010
Author: zin coSubmitted: 5/15/2014Downloads: 1068

Run an Exe file from anotherVersion: VB6
Author: Rejeesh Kommery KannurSubmitted: 1/13/2014Downloads: 1752
Execute an exe with .ini file.

VB HTML EditorVersion: VB 2010
Author: Djev David DazaSubmitted: 11/20/2013Downloads: 1604
Open or Edit HTML Files using this program and save them as HTML. You can also view your design while coding.

Text Reader By SandyVersion: VB 2010
Author: Sandeep ArsuleSubmitted: 7/21/2013Downloads: 1578
Read text file with sound.

DotPad Text EditorVersion: VB 2012
Author: John Aldrich BernardoSubmitted: 2/7/2013Downloads: 1514
A simple text editor... and easy file scripting language....

Equidistant Letter Sequence ProgramVersion: VB 2008
Author: Ariel T. SumagaysaySubmitted: 1/5/2013Downloads: 1331
A Program in Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition on Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS).

How to rename a fileVersion: VB6
Author: Hamidreza khazayieSubmitted: 12/21/2012Views: 4612
You can call the sub to rename your file.

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