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Create Dynamic Header Footer with XMLVersion: ASP.NET 1.1
Author: Ajay ShuklaSubmitted: 1/8/2005Downloads: 8547
There are various approaches for creating header and footer for a site. Most of the time there is a mode of creating a static menu for header and footer. Time comes when looking at the same menu over and over again bores a user or at least the client. ...more>>

Execute Web ServiceVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Michael ClarkSubmitted: 12/10/2004Views: 21293
This script allows you to run a web service programmatically without having to use 'Add Web Reference' you simply instantiate a class and tell it what method you want to run along with passing it the required arguments. Great for generic web servic ...more>>

Pizza Order SPVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Hendra Gunawan DjajaSubmitted: 11/9/2004Downloads: 16444
This is Pizza Order SP Application build with ASP.NET.

Passing Parameters in ASP.NETVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: GigasoftSubmitted: 7/23/2004Views: 75663
I'm frequently asked how to pass parameters from one page to another page in ASP.NET. This is a beginner's question and every ASP.NET developer should master this concept. So if you don't already know the answer, then definitely read on... I get as ...more>>

ASP.NET DatePickerVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Burhan YangSubmitted: 6/29/2004Downloads: 13856
ASP.NET Date Picker. Features: Lightweight client side handler, support various date format, custom date separator, custom textbox, on-the-fly calendar creation.

NetSend using VB and ASP.NETVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Muhammad SufyanSubmitted: 5/28/2004Downloads: 11612
This is a simple COM component which can be used for sending NetSends messages in the LAN environment.

Assign a strong name to .NET assemblyVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: David OldhamSubmitted: 2/4/2004Downloads: 9146
This zip file contains a video tutorial on how to assign a strong name to your .NET assembly. Why read my code when you can watch my video. Be sure to check out our site for more videos.

ASP.NET Search Engine ModuleVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Stevan RodriguesSubmitted: 2/4/2004Downloads: 18663
The Search Engine module will search an entire page also dynamic pages for matching keyword(s) or a phrase and will count how many times the keyword(s)or phrase are found on the page, and display the results with the highest matches first. The module will ...more>>

Nested Datagrid and XMLVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Xun DingSubmitted: 8/23/2003Downloads: 14970
Written in ASP.NET, this code demonstrates how to use two nested datagrid to display two tables with parent/child relationship in one dataset. It also demonstrates how to write the nested relationship of two tables into an xml file. The default databa ...more>>

Display a SQL row vertically (ASP.NET)Version: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: xun dingSubmitted: 8/11/2003Downloads: 13116
Sometimes when a database table has too many fields, you may wish to display the rows vertically and columns horizontally. This simple asp .net code just does that. Using server-side table control, programming rows and cells on the fly.

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