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XP ButtonVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 2/26/2004Downloads: 12504
Want an XP styled button..? Why download or write tons of code! Here it is..this has become a XPButton with 3D look merely using shape control. Take a look at the trick behind this!

DropDown ButtonVersion: VB3
Author: Constantin MaroungasSubmitted: 2/4/2004Downloads: 7387
Very simple to use Drop Down Button based on standard VB Command Button.

Editable Grid ControlVersion: VB5
Author: kiran modhaSubmitted: 1/21/2004Downloads: 12171
Editable Grid Control (Just Like VSFlexGrid). Provides Additional Events like (BeforeEdit, AfterEdit, KeyPressEdit, KeyDownEdit, ValidateEdit) for full control over editing. Also provide methods for AutoSizing of Columns,Rows. Has Cell property t ...more>>

CMDialog3x v1.0.40Version: VB6
Author: classicmanproSubmitted: 1/2/2004Downloads: 5511
CMDialog3x is a simple yet powerful ActiveX control which resembles the Microsoft Common Dialog Control.

ActiveX Tutorial for the IntermediateVersion: VB6
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 12/16/2003Downloads: 7826
There are many Dll tutorials and examples on Web, and there are many more ActiveX controls. While all of them devote time to the basics, none of them spend a ton of time on other aspects of class components and their use in Visual Basic. Many areas of com ...more>>

Polar Graph 1.0 (w/ games & animations)Version: VB6
Author: Aris BuenaventuraSubmitted: 12/11/2003Downloads: 7007
Polar Graph is truly amazing. At first, I thought it was just a simple graph but when I start to program it and add some settings so that I can able to change the appearance of the graph, I was amazed with the result. I have found out that some of the gam ...more>>

Gaurav Progress BarVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 12/3/2003Downloads: 6183
Progress bar control with demo project included.

Transparent Picture BoxVersion: VB5
Author: Darren JerrettSubmitted: 12/3/2003Downloads: 11162
Simple method of showing pictures with transparent sections. Very simple and very effective. Easily expanded upon.

Database to Text & Vice-Versa (ActiveX)Version: VB5
Author: A.NandakumarSubmitted: 11/18/2003Downloads: 7557
This is an activeX control that can be used to convert database to text and vice-versa. This is only for the conversion of Microsoft Access database into text file and reconversion of that particular file into a database. The program is so designed that i ...more>>

VB Control ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Theo ZachariasSubmitted: 11/3/2003Downloads: 7053
VB Control Manager is an ActiveX control to allow the user to dock controls and resize, move and show/hide them at run-time. This is actually the improvement of my VB Splitter, an ActiveX control to resize docked controls at run-time. I changed the name b ...more>>

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