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 All submissions by: "Samuel Muturi"

CheckersVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 4/16/2009Downloads: 4011
Although not completed, this is my VB version of a two players checkers game. Please if you complete this coding game remember to update me, I may learn from you as well.

Image DeveloperVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 1/19/2007Downloads: 3625
Have you ever wondered how RGB() function works?...then this program has fucntions that work the same as RGB. In fact it is reverse of RGB()...i.e gets the red, green, blue component og a certain color. You can develop outline of a complex image.

Led WatchVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 1/19/2007Downloads: 4388
Cool watch. Set to Transparent or opaque background by right clicking and select the appropriate menu. double click to exit.......

Advanced ListBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 11/28/2006Downloads: 8985
This activex control adds more features to normal listbox. It is still under construction but it will work well with visual basic. This is a nice Listbox with extra properties that will make your code nice. In case of any bugz please report to me since it ...more>>

Advanced TextBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 11/28/2006Downloads: 8882
Textbox control with extra properties that will make your coding easy. This control will be able to set input data type, highlight color, active and inactive back color. and few other properties. Free source code is available. Subject to change. In case o ...more>>

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