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Posted 3/15/2005 11:00:29 PM
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Can anyone please tell me how to calculate for percentages? What I'm trying to do is calculate a mortgage payment. The first text box is for the purchase price, the second is for the interest rate...then submit and the payment comes works, it's just that I have to put .6 for 6% and that's not right...that's 60%. when I put in .06, it's not putting the decimal in the right spot...the code looks like this:

If IsPostBack Then

lblpayments.text = "your monthly payments will be $"

lblpayments.text += Cstr(txtprice.text * txtrate.text / 100)

lblpayments.visible = true

end if

end sub

Can anyone tell me what is either wrong with this or how to make it calculate percentages? Thanks a million. have a great day.

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Posted 3/18/2005 10:15:41 AM
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ok, first off, your gona need to DIM somthing as a double, that way you get the right decimal spot.

So just do this.

Dim dblAmount as double

dblAmount = txt(what ever).text

use the dlbAmount, not txt(what ever).text

then when you go to calculate you might want to have "Currency" in there if you don't already. But you dont need it. thats so you can have the commas and decimal places where they need to be. If you know how to use it that is.

Been Using VB for 3 Years. I know quite a bit.

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