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Proxy help

Proxy help

Phantom Sonic
Phantom Sonic
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I made a script and all you do is go to these proxy sites and copy the url into the proxy address bar and click go. It will automaticly add it into the database so you don't have to.

Its that simple. I know that there is alot of proxie's out there and that I can get all of them. Also id the proxy allready exists in the DB then you will get some kind of error saying "This proxy has allready been added to the DB" in red text. If you don't get that then you should get "Proxy has been added to the DB" in green text.

You can take your time with it. Do it when ever you want to.

Like I said I know that there is no way I can do all of this.

Also after this is done I will even give you all a copy to use on your sites.

I know you must hate it when you ban somone and the just register a million of times so they can just flame at you and flame the members and stuff. Thats another reason why I want to do this.

If I get alot of posts saying that you would like to help me out with this then I will post the URL to use.

Like I said its that EZ all you have to do is go the the proxy site,Post the URL that I gave you,Click on go or what ever they have to allow you yo surf. It will then Etner the Proxies IP in to the DB.

No http,php,etc needed to do this.

Thanks in advance.

Also you will be given credit for helping out on my site that I'm coding

Also what ever you do, do not click on the URL that I will use. If you do your IP will get added to the DB and you will be blocked from my site.

If you do click on it let me know and I will remove your IP from the list

Thanks again

PhantomSonic-We are all born with a destiny.Some of us know it and some of us are still searching for it.
5/5/2008 by Phantom Sonic

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