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Strange spaces in bound combobox


By zack - 4/16/2016

Try shrinking the size of varchar(15) to say varchar(10) and see if there is less white space between the names.

I realize this is not a solution, however it will at least give you further insight as to why it's doing what it's doing.
By Zvi - 4/16/2016

I can confirm that this does shorten the spaces (I've already tried this in the past to confirm) so yes, I know it has to do with the amount of max characters I put in SQL server.
By zack - 4/19/2016

I assume the data is entered into the database fields through textboxes. Perhaps you can try removing white space before writing to the database, or try setting the textbox maxlength property.
By Zvi - 4/15/2016

The fields of first and last name are set to varchar(15) to eliminate the empty spaces but when running, the names in the combobox have a weird spacing issue. What's wrong?

I'm using VS 2015, VBnet windows form.