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activelock problem


By newbie2 - 11/29/2015

Hi all

I'want to use activelock 3.6.1 to secure my small vb6 application

It tried the sample provided on the website and it is working quite perfectly on my own computer. I use Allugen to register and kill license then register again without any trouble.

But when I compiled the application and used it on another computer I am faced with the problem of license validation.

I'm using* trialRuns as trial type and LicenseKeyType = alsShortKeyMD5.

I followed the same steps as I was doing on my computer but when I enter the liberation key, I get the message invald license.

Am I missing something?

Or do I need to send the user any file?

I'll be so thankful to you if you help me to understand this problem.
By Destroyer - 11/30/2015

Have you tried using the Package and deployment Wizard that comes with VB 6?

When creating a package for a user control that requires a license key, the license file (.vbl) is not automatically included. Instead, you must add the file manually.

When you are at the dialog titled "Package and Deployment Wizard Included Files," click the Add button and search for the appropriate .vbl file.