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Install Data Report in VB6 pro on Windows 7 32bit Pro


By Dwight - 10/4/2015

I have installed Visual Basic 6.0 with SP 5 on a Windows 32bit Pro with SP1

It functions with one exception I have no Data Report function

When I ported a VB6 app form my Windows XP machine I noticed the missing Designer folder

So what I have tried so far is regsvr32 ot the MSDbRptr.dll

I have also run VB6CLI.exe

So I created and EXE file on my XP machine and it installs and runs fine

The Error 424 Obj required at design time on the W7 machine

My process to create an EXE file on both XP and W7 is to create dependency files

with the Package and Deployment Wizard

The the EXE file is created with Inno Setup and I have used the same Inno Setup file

from the XP machine on the Windows 7 machine

I am not adverse to re-installing but not sure that is a FIX

If I do reinstall do I need to follow the steps in


and how should I UnInstall ?

I have attached the process I used to Install on Windows 7 as a doc file

thanks in advance