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Hello from Keithuk


By Keithuk - 9/28/2011

Hi guys.

I asked admin if they could make a sub forum for Introductions as we have some user added their intro into threads that have no relevance and here we are.

Some of you may know me from here and other VB forums so I will give you a bit of the background.

I'm 55 years young and I live in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. I'm the senior motor vehicle technician at Stoke on Trent College.

I've been using VB for 15 years now as my sig shows. I start with Basic 29 years ago with my first computer BBC Model B 32K (Acorn) with BBC Basic. When I bought an IBM compatible in 1993 I used Qbasic for few years. I needed a Windows programming language. I searched about and talked to people and they recommended VC++, which I bought for £90. It was a difficult language to come to terms with, having been used to Basic for 29 years. So I managed to get a pirate copy of VB4. Because our computers at work were Windows 3.1 I started with VB4 16bit. It was an easy language to follow because it follows Basic very closely.


In 1999 in enrolled on a City & Guilds Programming in Visual Basic course (7261) at the college where I work. It was a course over two years and 3 levels, 7261/205, 7261/225 and 7261/245. I qualified in each level.