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RGB value


By Takeshi - 10/6/2008

Hi ! I'm a new member in this forum. Could any one help me, how to get RGB values at every pixel from a image file ? But, that image file not open or show in my form, just get the RGB values. Then, i can change that RGB values and create a new image file. Honestly, i'm working an image encryption. Please, help me....  it's confused me so much. Thanks. GBU 

NB : I'm sorry if my English is bad Smile

By Yingchun - 8/23/2011

That is my first post about RGB values. But then i think, an encryption program maybe can to process an image folder not just an image file. It means can be process image file in a folder all at once. Maybe 2, 5, or 10 image file. So, how can i load image files all at once in my form to get the RGB ??

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