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apiguide: useful for all programmers!


By TrickyRic - 6/28/2004

hi, i'm sure everyones noticed just how much i post links to the apiguide, so i'll stick it here. please note i'm in no way affiliated with this program!

anyway, whether you use api or not, download it and give it a little icon in your task bar. its worth it . it lists just about every win32 api available, along with info, examples, and requirements.


i'll make this sticky but if it shouldnt be then feel free to unsticky it. i wasnt too sure...
By purpulfantom - 1/14/2006

i worked out what i was doing wrong! Idiot here downloaded and installed the VB5 runtime environments from the site by mistake! Doh!

Now I've got it working, it's really useful! The descriptions make life so simple (although I have managed to turn off my PC 3 times whilst trying examples!) Thx guys!