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Excel file from xml fileVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vineshkumar Dhansukhbhai PatelSubmitted: 1/12/2006Downloads: 9582
Create excel file from xml file.

XML Searching Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: B.Tharaka DeshapriyaSubmitted: 9/8/2005Downloads: 10325
This program show you how to search a XML dociument using VB.NET. In here XML file used as a relational database. Your allowed to sech bird using it's color or any other option. Try to develope this program to perform multi conditional selection in XML ...more>>

Create excel from xml fileVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: TanakornSubmitted: 6/29/2005Views: 88355
Create excel file from xml file.

Create PAD filesVersion: VB5
Author: Bernie MadiganSubmitted: 12/25/2004Downloads: 4655
Submit your program updates in PAD files to participating sites without the need of filling in lengthy forms. The finished PAD is in a predetermined XML format which can be read by participating software sites automatically updating their archives. Here i ...more>>

Working With Textfiles and XMLVersion: VB.NET
Author: AliAmjadSubmitted: 11/13/2004Downloads: 11658
Used just three lines of Code in order to read/write Textfiles and also how to work with XML. Need SQL Server 2000 to work with XML Generaters. This sample just uses a PictureBox and ImageList to put images onto menus.

Export data from Access to XML FileVersion: VB6
Author: Ashish NairSubmitted: 10/21/2004Views: 32846
A single line VB 6 code to Export data from a Table in MS Access Database to an XML File.

Data to XMLVersion: VB6
Author: Kobus De JagerSubmitted: 5/18/2004Views: 25342
Saving data to an XML file format from VB.

XML DisplayerVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 4/10/2004Downloads: 9282
So you think vb and XML can't talk ..well..they do a lot! This APP gives a complete DEMO on how to create a XML file from scratch, Load an existing XML file & display them. NOTE : A Reference to MICROSOFT XML VERSION required...enjoy & e-mail me if you h ...more>>

Read an XML FileVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: David OldhamSubmitted: 3/25/2004Downloads: 10571
Why read my code when you can just relax and watch my video? This video shows you how to read an xml file with .NET. Many more on my Site.

Understanding MSXML DOMVersion: VB6
Author: Narendra TiwariSubmitted: 3/11/2004Downloads: 9087
This is an example of using XML file with DOM in VB. A questionnaire xml file is used. Go through the XML file and DTD to understand the structure.

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