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EGL_Simple3D - 3D ApplicationVersion: VB 2012
Author: Erkan SanliSubmitted: 3/1/2013Downloads: 1506
Simple version of a 3D application.

Advanced Level Typing TutorVersion: VB 2010
Author: Muhammad shoaibSubmitted: 2/26/2013Downloads: 1361
This is a simple Typing Tutor for advanced level with previous records. If anyone wants to tell me something about this project then email me please.

Ice Cream Parlor SystemVersion: VB 2008
Author: Sachin DevhadeSubmitted: 2/19/2013Downloads: 5937
This is a simple Ice-Cream Parlor shop management software. It has facilities such as New Item, Stock Update, Billing, Single & Daily Transaction Report & much more... Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Back End: Microsoft Access 2007. Ju ...more>>

Email BomberVersion: VB 2008
Author: Manraj SinghSubmitted: 2/19/2013Downloads: 2315
Software designed to send multiple emails with a single subject, body and same person continuously. I have managed to send a thousand easily till my test email was all clogged up.

Connect To MYSQLVersion: VB 2010
Author: Jayson LunarSubmitted: 2/13/2013Downloads: 3575
This Project is Designed for databinding tutorial. Insert, Update, Delete, Search, Datagridview using MySQL Client.

Data Adapter Data BindingVersion: VB 2008
Author: SachinSubmitted: 2/12/2013Downloads: 2857
This Project is Design for databinding tutorial. It will bind DataGridView to entire table & TextBox to column in the table. Front End : VB .Net 2008 Back End : Ms-Access 2007

Screen CaptureVersion: VB 2010
Author: Alex OtelaruSubmitted: 2/9/2013Downloads: 1572
A program to make screenshots and save it in jpg format. The program works invisible when it does a screenshot.

DotPad Text EditorVersion: VB 2012
Author: John Aldrich BernardoSubmitted: 2/7/2013Downloads: 1210
A simple text editor... and easy file scripting language....

Set Windows 7 Starter WallpaperVersion: VB 2010
Author: Evan BoyesSubmitted: 2/2/2013Downloads: 1525
Windows 7 Starter is a very stripped down, very basic edition of windows. One of the most noticeable limitations is the absence of the change wallpaper setting. This program will set the wallpaper entry in the registry to whatever picture you choose. You ...more>>

Hard Drive Icon ChangerVersion: VB 2010
Author: Evan BoyesSubmitted: 1/29/2013Downloads: 1172
This is a small, easy to use program that can change your hard drive(s) icon to anything you want. It makes an entry in your registry to do this so you must run it as administrator. Windows icons should be 256x256.

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