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Basic Log In Form VB.Net 2010 Version: VB 2010
Author: Swarup BasuSubmitted: 3/11/2011Downloads: 4941
Basic Login form VB.Net 2010.

System Auto-Shutdown (SAS)Version: VB 2010
Author: Martin M.Submitted: 1/25/2011Downloads: 4223
The system allows one to set some time interval in hours, minutes and seconds and set when the system will shutdown.

File WatcherVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 1/20/2011Downloads: 3862
You can block users from creating or renaming files or folder in a computer.

Unchangeable HDD Sereal No.Version: VB6
Author: Amin GaranaSubmitted: 1/14/2011Downloads: 3714
How To Get Unchangeable Hard Disk Sereal No. Means Firmware No, Model No, Rivision No.

Application Level SecurityVersion: VB 2008
Author: Tajwer JalalSubmitted: 9/14/2010Downloads: 7528
This is a common situation where one needs to restrict some user for accessing some menus and some operations like AddNew Record, Edit / Change Record, Delete Record etc. it is required for almost every application that runs in multi user environment. To ...more>>

Encryption DecryptionVersion: VB 2008
Author: Dnyaneshwar KondbaleSubmitted: 8/30/2010Downloads: 6292
This Proj. is used to encrypt or decrypt the file using symetric cryptosystem. We use one public key for encryption and same key for decryption.

passMakerVersion: VB6
Author: Black BerrySubmitted: 7/6/2010Downloads: 3850
This is the source-code of pseudo-random password generator especially for crypto-containers with fixed size. This source was created using Microsoft Visual Basic 6. I don't have an opportunity to keep in my mind password with 60 digits length and more, t ...more>>

Banking SystemVersion: VB6
Author: SiddharthSubmitted: 4/21/2010Downloads: 9878
Banking system project in VB 6.0

Advanced System Task Bar HiderVersion: VB6
Author: Priyankara DilanthaSubmitted: 3/25/2010Downloads: 3514
You can hide your system task bar very easily by using this program. Everything is simple to understand. You can secure your account by using this program also.....

Frequency Analysis ToolVersion: VB6
Author: Syed ZainudeenSubmitted: 2/20/2010Downloads: 3390
A simple tool to perform frequency analysis on any given text. Plots a nice colorful graph.

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