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Advance Form Login With CaptchaVersion: VB 2012
Author: Cheam BunhieSubmitted: 12/21/2013Downloads: 3334
This project builds login form with captcha using VB.NET 2012 Ultimate. I hope you like it.

Poorboy Hash FunctionVersion: VB6
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 9/9/2013Views: 4241
Very simple method of producing hashes. This has variable length input and output.

Smokescreen Hash FunctionVersion: VB6, VB 2005, VB 2008, VB 2010, VB 2012
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 9/1/2013Views: 5233
This is a simple hash function with variable output length. It is meant for educational use. Great for novice encryption projects.

Secure Windows Setup ProjectVersion: C# 2010, C# 2012
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 5/7/2013Downloads: 1931
Password For Windows Installer Project --- This application helps you to uninstall your application from unauthorized people. To uninstall this application it asks for password. If the password is correct it processes or else it calls the rollback even ...more>>

Encrypt FileVersion: VB 2010
Author: SuprimSubmitted: 4/14/2013Downloads: 3430
Protect your important text, letters using encryption so nobody else can know it without using the program.

Shackle Cipher 2048-bitVersion: VB6
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 1/25/2013Views: 6271
Shackle is a 2048-bit cipher that employs plaintext chaining. The creation of new key blocks is seeded by previous blocks of plaintext. It also uses a transposition cipher (transpX) function to prevent known plaintext attacks. The speed is about 500KB ...more>>

256bit Key GeneratorVersion: VB6
Author: David M. LewisSubmitted: 12/29/2012Views: 7722
Generates a scrambled 256 byte key string, with no redundancy, based on a password as a seed. Use for encryption purposes.

Secure MailingVersion: C# 2010
Author: RummanSubmitted: 12/14/2012Downloads: 1949
This application sends the encrypted message to the email the user provide. Firstly the user provide the plain text, and this app encrypts the text with the help of key and iv. Provide the email and required credentials the application sends the mail.

AES EncryptionVersion: C# 2010
Author: RummanSubmitted: 12/13/2012Downloads: 1822
A simple AES encryption introductory article.

Anti ExecutableVersion: C# 2010
Author: Gun Gun FebrianzaSubmitted: 11/2/2012Downloads: 2089
How to make so that windows can't open executable file so that unwanted people can't execute any executable file on our computer. You can active - deactivate executable easily on your windows operating system. Basically i want to make my computer so that ...more>>

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