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Html ParserVersion: C#
Author: Zvonimir BegicSubmitted: 2/25/2012Downloads: 1235
With these examples you can learn how to make WCF services. It enables you to parse any web page and get their elements. You can also use HtmlParser to show only some part of web page on your own page. In zip file you have and demo client applic ...more>>

DeepCopyVersion: VB 2010
Author: Zvonimir BegicSubmitted: 2/17/2012Downloads: 1521
If you want to create deep copy of some object you can implement ICloneable interface. With DeepCopy class you can deep copy any object. Here is demo application. It is very simple and useful generic class.

Simple Debt Management SystemVersion: VB 2010
Author: Dennis BalinhawangSubmitted: 2/12/2012Downloads: 5003
This is a simple one. I just want to share to everybody for learning purposes.

Backup/Restore Local SQL DatabasesVersion: VB 2008
Author: Samuel PictureSubmitted: 12/21/2011Downloads: 5431
This is a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Visual Basic application that can be used to backup and/or restore local SQL databases. The application supports both Windows authentication and SQL server authentication. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SQL Server ...more>>

Multi clipboard applicationVersion: C#
Author: Zvonimir BegicSubmitted: 12/3/2011Downloads: 1277
This is newest, and much improved version. Start application, and just normaly copy anything in clipboard, it will automatically save data in application(maximum delay is 3 seconds). You can choose desired data clicking on item. User must think about free ...more>>

How to Compare Two Excel FileVersion: VB6
Author: KAMLESH GUPTASubmitted: 11/22/2011Downloads: 3383
This project is very useful for those user who regularaly interact with Microsoft Excel.. By using this source code user can compare two excel file and can findout the changes cell by cell.

New Folder RenameVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 11/16/2011Downloads: 1956
Change the name new folder in newly created folders.

Html 5 with intellisense editorVersion: C#
Author: Zvonimir BegicSubmitted: 11/12/2011Downloads: 1428
This is html 5 editor with intellisense. It provide text manipulation inside tags, deleting tags. How to use: drag html or txt or htm file into textbox. Click on build html. When you click on '<' select desired tag and click with left mouse button, o ...more>>

Form UtilitiesVersion: VB6
Author: Albert WitSubmitted: 11/4/2011Downloads: 2906
Library with several easy to use gadgets.

Extreg - Extension RegistryVersion: VB6
Author: Albert WitSubmitted: 11/4/2011Downloads: 1344
Extension registry.

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