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Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: takis firipidisSubmitted: 5/26/2003Downloads: 4189
Find all real and complex roots of a polynomial.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: takis firipidisSubmitted: 5/26/2003Downloads: 5079
Kohonen neural network - clustering exhibition.

Untitled (click to view code)Version: VB6
Author: Philip McGeehanSubmitted: 5/5/2003Views: 10009
Checks if the input Credit Card number is a valid one.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Ole PetersenSubmitted: 3/14/2003Downloads: 4930
MyLatestBrain , the ultimate cellular automata program. Plays cellular Automata Music too, melodic and all. You can change a few central lines of code and maybe you stumble over some sensational algorithm, that will make you famous... Who knows ! The p ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Mangesh DeshpandeSubmitted: 3/12/2003Downloads: 3717
This small application will help in you finding how much accuracy is being achieved (in percentage) by rounding a given decimal number by the desired precision.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB6
Author: JayaprakashSubmitted: 2/14/2003Downloads: 5250
Procedure to Convert given Numeric Value to Words. More compatible to use in any VB Projects just by assigning your value to a single varable in this Program.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Les MitchellSubmitted: 2/11/2003Downloads: 5153
Math Test V2. Now includes division, multiplication, subtraction and addition using positive numbers not for example 9/21. Also includes different levels of difficulty and revision option. Constructive criticism welcomed.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: ShayuruSubmitted: 1/11/2003Downloads: 7905
This program solves Linear Equations using Gauss-Jordan Algorithm. It uses the MSFlexgrid to enter de augmented matrix.

Untitled (click to view code)Version: VB5
Author: Ahmed Murtaza ZamanSubmitted: 12/29/2002Views: 10214
This code, when compiled, allows the user to calculate various properties of a quadratic equation by calculus and algebraic methods.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB6
Author: Ezzddeen AlkhenSubmitted: 12/22/2002Downloads: 5819
This is Simple Example for integration Calculation by Simpson's Rule.

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