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Miles per GallonVersion: VB6
Author: Jason McGillSubmitted: 6/10/2005Downloads: 3224
This program is very simple. You input Gallons of gas used, Mileage between fillups, Total Price to fill up, Days between fill up, Monthly car payment, and Insurance payment for 6 months. The output tells you how much it cost you to drive per Day, Month ...more>>

Base ConversionVersion: VB6
Author: LEGOLASSubmitted: 5/8/2005Views: 15732
Conversion (Binary, Hexa, Octa, Decimal)

Math & Physics Functions ModuleVersion: VB6
Author: Johan BadenhorstSubmitted: 4/18/2005Views: 19241
Math & Physics Functions Module, great reference if you want to develop a 2D game.

Hex ConvertorVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: SaEeD HaCkErSubmitted: 4/7/2005Downloads: 6840
With this program you can convert Hex Value to Character and Decimal ,and Character to Hex and Decimal value!!! Wish you luck and please report me any bugs!

Author: Tripati Narayan DuttaSubmitted: 3/22/2005Downloads: 7584
A simple scientific calculator with all the basic operations, memory, trigonometric calculations and some advanced arithmetic features.

Calculate Regressions for Least Squares MethodVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Adolfo Leon SepulvedaSubmitted: 2/15/2005Downloads: 7093
'This program calculate Regressions for Least Squares Method Use 5 buttons for calculate: Power regression y= aX^b Exponential regression y=ae^(bx) Polynomial regression Ao +A1x + A2x^2... Get Y by interpolation ...more>>

Validate WHOLE, REAL numbers, and DateVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: JacobGuzmanSubmitted: 2/7/2005Downloads: 7230
With this easy too understand program, you can validate if a number entered in a textbox is really a whole number or a real number. It tells you what you typed wrong, and where. Then you may do an mathematical operation between 2 numbers. it also valida ...more>>

Matrix Multiplication using DataGridVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: JacobGuzmanSubmitted: 2/7/2005Downloads: 8773
This is an easy way to show you how to multiply 2 matrices. I used DataGrid to show the matrices...

Random NumbersVersion: VB6
Author: Ronald SteinSubmitted: 2/3/2005Downloads: 3413
I built this program to pick numbers 1 - 10 in a random order for a family football pool. It also has a cool form load and unload effect.

Complex CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Petkovic VladaSubmitted: 1/24/2005Downloads: 8365
Complex Calculator. Example with class and validation data.

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