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Send an Email With VB.netVersion: VB 2005
Author: Omar AbidSubmitted: 9/25/2007Views: 21953
This will help you to send an email with You'll need only access to the SMTP Server.

TCL Blue Lion 3.0 Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Chathura lakmalSubmitted: 9/23/2007Downloads: 4081
This is My Third Browser. It has many changes than TCL Blue Lion 2.0 Web Browser (Second). Enjoy it. Up comming : TCL Blue Lion 4.0 Web Browser...............(Final)

Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: GeorgeSubmitted: 9/6/2007Downloads: 6068
- The web browser functions like any advanced web browsers. - All the controls of this web explorer are implemented in VB code. - The web explorer allows you to browse any website. - The controls implemented in this web browser are back, forward, stop, ...more>>

TCL Blue Lion 2.0 - Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: chathura lakmalSubmitted: 8/17/2007Downloads: 2690
TCL Blue Lion 2.0, this is my second browser. this browser has some changes and new items than TCL Blue Lion 1.0 (first browser)

Public galleryVersion: VB 2005
Author: ilya kraySubmitted: 8/14/2007Downloads: 4326
A program that allows users to upload images to php web servers and share them with extreme speed.

Blue Lion 1.0 Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: chathura lakmalSubmitted: 7/21/2007Downloads: 2954
This is my first Web browser. This is simple programming.

Web MonitorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Wesley GovenderSubmitted: 6/5/2007Downloads: 6715
To monitor when internet connection goes down.It does ping a url but actually opens a web page to check it the page opens fine.

XeonWeb Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Marc Joel JameroSubmitted: 4/15/2007Downloads: 4247
XeonWeb web browser with TABS!!! this is a browser made in vb6..the codes are easy and very useful for beginners.. this program isn't finish yet.. wait for the final/better version of this app..feel free to email me if u have comments,,suggestions or ques ...more>>

IP FinderVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad AliSubmitted: 4/1/2007Downloads: 6862
This software displays IPs country wise, also you can find out the IP of a website, and locate its server location.

My Own BrowserVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 3/31/2007Downloads: 7369
This is the first web browser that I have made. It's pretty good. Try it!

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