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DirectX Device InitializationVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Amir HadzicSubmitted: 8/13/2006Downloads: 6408
This is the most simple DirectX application... Great start for 2D and 3D DirectX programming!

H.264 Encoder Front EndVersion: VB6
Author: Andrew ArmstrongSubmitted: 8/11/2006Downloads: 3400
H.264 is the latest video standard, here is a simple front end to facilitate easier use of the JM open source. Includes the reference JM H264 encoder exe.

Run Away PictureVersion: VB6
Author: ViSiONSubmitted: 7/21/2006Downloads: 4840
A cool example of a picture racing off the form. Must download to see.(Has a light-Speed Effect) Very Simple Only 2 Picture boxes & a few lines of very self-explanitory Code.

Eyes that stares, eyeballs staring at your mouseVersion: VB 2005
Author: Jhei BalisiSubmitted: 7/18/2006Downloads: 7218
This is a simple program showing the power of .NET. This simulates eyes which looks into your mouse pointer. It looks like it will follow where you are pointing at. Converted it to express edition project.

Save and display font's color Version: VB6
Author: kim lin tzeSubmitted: 7/10/2006Downloads: 3455
Just a simple coding to display the font's color and can save the color into the database. The latest color of font can display when run the program. Note: You will need to set the database name property of the database controls for the application t ...more>>

Chaint - Cracking Paint ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: Philip SalmonySubmitted: 6/13/2006Downloads: 4381
A simple paint program.

Image ViewerVersion: VB6
Author: baluSubmitted: 5/28/2006Downloads: 5514
View image files from your pc.

Simple AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: AndreasSubmitted: 5/23/2006Downloads: 5883
This program used a Math Function yo make a little animation in Visual Basic. I hope it 's useful for you.

Rotate Text in any angleVersion: VB6
Author: MadyajaganeSubmitted: 5/12/2006Downloads: 6035
This is the code to Rotate the Text in any Angle.

Simple image previewVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Anel TopalovicSubmitted: 5/12/2006Downloads: 5812
This is the code to Rotate the Text in any Angle.

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