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Analog ClockVersion: VB4
Author: vishnu sharmaSubmitted: 11/30/2004Downloads: 4803
Analog clock.

The shot clock v1.0Version: VB6
Author: Shalom AdormeoSubmitted: 10/12/2004Downloads: 5010
This visual basic program is used for basketball game clock purposes and for computer shutdown.

Rough ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Philippe DevereuxSubmitted: 9/3/2004Downloads: 5586
This FREEWARE is a clock which has an encorperated alarm with memo function and can also display the time in words rounded to the nearest five minutes i.e twenty five past three , it can also be sent to the taskabar, there is an icon with it "timer01.ico" ...more>>

R-clock - Analog and Digital ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Bill PanopoulosSubmitted: 6/29/2004Downloads: 6889
It is a clock (both analog and digital display) that uses simple mathematical expressions(cos/sin)in order to make lines look like a real clock.

Clock (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Hiren RajpuraSubmitted: 6/22/2004Downloads: 10325
I am new to VB.Net and I have created a simlpe clock which shows system time.

Return age from date passed inVersion: VB3
Author: GP Software SolutionsSubmitted: 6/2/2004Views: 15912
Return someone's age by passing in their date of birth.

Format date to dd/mm/yyyy in textboxVersion: VB6
Author: Geoff PooleSubmitted: 5/31/2004Views: 130758
Routine to automatically format a date to dd/mm/yyyy. User types in 251204, 25/12/2004 is displayed.

Change system short date formatVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 8262
Change your system short date format - Running this code will change your system date format without warning.

Get number of days of a calendar monthVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/29/2004Downloads: 6048
Simple application which gets the number of days in a calendar month.

Never miss another appointmentVersion: VB4
Author: Geoff ScottSubmitted: 5/14/2004Downloads: 5883
I spend a lot of time at my PC and the time seems to disappear with my noticing. I have a history of missed appointments, so, I thought I would cobble something together to solve my problem. I remembered a small program that came with Windows 3.1 except ...more>>

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