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Simple Leap Year FinderVersion: VB5
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 6/10/2005Downloads: 5055
A very Simple Logic to find if a given year is a Leap Year or not and this project also contains codes for some textbox events.

Mysql TimeStamp converter classVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Jujhar SinghSubmitted: 5/23/2005Views: 20255
A class to take the date given as a date type or string type convert it into yyyymmddhhmmss string for use in MYSQL SQL strings. Usage: Dim dateConvert As New mySQLlDate myDateString=dateConvert.convertDate(dateString) or myDateString=dateConvert. ...more>>

TimeVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Lynn CummingsSubmitted: 5/8/2005Downloads: 10572
This is a timer application. There are several features that may be of interest to developers. In particular, the "WithEvents" statement, combined with "RaiseEvent," because it allows an auxillary form of any sort to be used as an input box, and it wil ...more>>

Analog ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Dipak AuddySubmitted: 3/17/2005Downloads: 7902
A windowless! (round shaped) form resembles an analog clock.

DiffTimesVersion: VB6
Author: Dogs_BolloxSubmitted: 3/10/2005Downloads: 6223
Return difference in hours between 2 times, allowing for rounding up of the minutes, easy to change to return the exact difference including minutes, but I only needed the hours for my application.

Simple Animated Stopwatch v 1.0Version: VB6
Author: Felix Marcaida, Jr.Submitted: 3/9/2005Downloads: 7061
The Simple animated stopwatch is my first distrubution here, this was made through the request of one person somewhere in Laguna, try it!

Simple Date and TimeVersion: VB6
Author: AndrewSubmitted: 3/1/2005Downloads: 7639
A simple date and time program with a background picture.

Basic ClockVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: CodeMasterSubmitted: 1/17/2005Downloads: 11718
This is a very basic clock in VB.NET.

Graphical VB ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Jussi KalliokoskiSubmitted: 1/1/2005Downloads: 8660
This is a visual basic example which shows how to make a Visual Basic clock program which is based on simple graphics math, and how to make Visual Basic programs without using any other controls than a form. Good for people starting to make graphical math ...more>>

Alarm System With 4 VersionsVersion: VB6
Author: RANGARJAN BALAJISubmitted: 12/29/2004Downloads: 7189
This program acts as an alarm system which can display text as well as run a particular program.

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