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Binary ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Roald MathisenSubmitted: 3/26/2007Downloads: 5556
This project shows how to make a binary clock in VB 6.0

Control Date InputVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Mark SSubmitted: 3/9/2007Views: 20195
This Code is to control input for Date on the keypress.

Digital ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Hadi SamadzadSubmitted: 2/25/2007Downloads: 8809
This program is very cool and useable clock with low memory usage , suitable for your computer in work , and with ALARM mode , you can use it in SMALL SIZE , every where on your screen , because it is very small , MOVEABLE , always ONTOP and ICON in TRAY ...more>>

Led WatchVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 1/19/2007Downloads: 5055
Cool watch. Set to Transparent or opaque background by right clicking and select the appropriate menu. double click to exit.......

Calendar / Date PickerVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 1/6/2007Downloads: 12257
Calendar / Date Picker by Trent Jackson. The only date picker you'll ever need? Scheduled to be teamed up with an up and coming personal organizer project, you may find this picker to be useful within your own projects. It features an algorithm which accu ...more>>

LCD Alarm ClockVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 12/3/2006Downloads: 8754
LCD Alarm Clock By Trent Jackson. If there's one thing that Windows is lacking it's an alarm clock. Presented here is a quality solution to the problem. Feature packed and dressed to impress to look as modern as tomorrow. Intended to be compiled and insta ...more>>

Simple Code For Date Validation In Vb.NetVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Ranjan DSubmitted: 8/31/2006Views: 101149
A Very simple code for date validation in The date formate to be given is dd/mm/yyyy.

Cool Day of the Week DesktopVersion: VB6
Author: Yatin PatelSubmitted: 8/11/2006Downloads: 5279
This is a simple program to display the day of week on the Desktop. It's cool try it.

Clock With Some Time ZonesVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: DeepakSubmitted: 6/13/2006Downloads: 8557
A Simple Digital Clock With Some Time Zones. It Also Shows The Distance Of Selected Place From New Delhi.

Date and Time TTSVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: SiddharthSubmitted: 4/23/2006Views: 20992
This is a project where when you click at the button it will speak today's date and time.

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