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Change Regional Setting For Short dateVersion: VB5
Author: MkpandeySubmitted: 5/4/2004Views: 29640
Many times you need that your/client's system must have some specific short date setting, e.g. dd/MM/yyyy. Here is the simplest and fullproof way to make this possible. ------------------------------------------ How To Do This: Add One Command Button a ...more>>

Kclock Reloaded is a desktop alarm clockVersion: VB.NET
Author: Kenneth HomzaSubmitted: 3/29/2004Downloads: 8689
Kclock Reloaded is a desktop alarm clock written in VB.NET 2003, this is a working, and useable application. As for a description "It's jest a neat little program"!

Shut Down TimerVersion: VB5
Author: Igor SteticSubmitted: 1/29/2004Downloads: 9026
Small program which shuts down the PC in direct time.

SLA calculator + password generatorVersion: VB6
Author: Matt ThompsonSubmitted: 1/9/2004Downloads: 6590
This program will let you know when a deadline is met, taking opening and closing hours in to account and how many hours you have to start with. You can also select which days are accounted for. Also used to generate a random password in AA#####a forma ...more>>

Modified CalendarVersion: VB5
Author: TritorchSubmitted: 12/27/2003Downloads: 6666
This is a stylized version of Jainil Infotech Inc.'s original Calendar. It has a brand new look and sleek feel. Enjoy.

Kclock - VB .NET 2003 alarm clockVersion: VB.NET
Author: Kenneth HomzaSubmitted: 12/21/2003Downloads: 8934
Kclock is a desktop alarm clock that is written in VB .NET 2003. It has all the functions of a regular alarm clock, plus more.

Date Of First Day of WeekVersion: VB6
Author: Jhan Zaib TariqSubmitted: 12/5/2003Views: 39928
It returns the date of first weekday of passing date.

Personal CalendarVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 11/26/2003Downloads: 7714
A personal calendar. Can display dates for past and future years.

Analog/Digital clockVersion: VB6
Author: Sebastian M ChiforSubmitted: 11/14/2003Downloads: 8345
An example of an analog/digital clock (with nice skin)and 100% accurate, using simple line functions.

LCD ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Ashok AgarwalSubmitted: 7/31/2003Downloads: 9571
This program will display current local time just as any LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) clock will display.

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