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Database EditorVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 7/16/2011Downloads: 3316
You can add, delete, edit records in any mdb database using this program.

Excel importing in SQL Server 2005 with C#Version: C#
Author: Arun Kumar KanojiaSubmitted: 7/1/2011Downloads: 2219
This project demonstrates how to import excel sheet data in SQL Server 2005 table using C# code.

Personal Profile Database with PictureVersion: VB6
Author: Teach DiazSubmitted: 6/12/2011Downloads: 7267
A very simple example of a personal database, using Data Control, an easy implementation on how to create a database using Data Control, with additional picture, using the common dialog box. Note: Make sure to set correct path to database in the proper ...more>>

Student Data Management SystemVersion: C#
Author: Amit DhuriSubmitted: 6/5/2011Downloads: 6780
This application is helpful for C# and SQL beginner. It will help you to understand how to Add, Delete and Update data in SQL database using C#. How to search in database, Datagridview etc... It also contains the change password facility.

Crystal Report ViewVersion: VB6
Author: Jon Gilbert TangSubmitted: 5/9/2011Downloads: 4900
A very simple program that passes parameters in vb6 direct coding no need for too many declarations! Using ADO type.

PHONE BOOK with Crystal ReportVersion: VB6
Author: JC SALDISubmitted: 5/5/2011Downloads: 5963
This is simple program with ADD, EDIT, DELETE, SEARCH and printing of records using Crystal Report and the backend is MYSQL.

Patients Information Version: VB 2005
Author: Rituraj SinghSubmitted: 4/22/2011Downloads: 16041
This is project to handle the patient information in Clinic. The purpose of developing this project is to handle the information of users with login system. Username: ADMIN and password:ADMIN Also, you can create User and change or update your password ...more>>

Easy Load SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Eshwar Das WatwaniSubmitted: 4/16/2011Downloads: 4095
Computerize Easy Load System add and updated record in database, data models and technologies to enable to use collection as one in sales environment.

Login Screen With SoundsVersion: VB 2010
Author: Ricardo KouwenhovenSubmitted: 4/15/2011Downloads: 6763
This is a simple login screen made in 2 minutes. I made this too show you guys how to build a login screen, with logon and logoff sounds, this project includes a Database (Credentials.mdb) in which the login credentials are stored. Have fun, Comments ...more>>

Typical Payroll Program for PhilippinesVersion: VB6
Author: Jon Gilbert TangSubmitted: 4/14/2011Downloads: 6019
A simple Payroll program exclusively for Philippines, generates employee detail report, employee payslip record report, employee payslip, employee's contribution. All reports are in datareport both in landscape and portrait. UPON RUNNING THE PROGRAM: ...more>>

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