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Multi Image in MsFlexGridVersion: VB6
Author: Rudi KurniadiSubmitted: 5/26/2009Downloads: 4592
So easy and simple way of putting down various images in every cell of MsFlexGrid.

Multi Color in MsFlexGridVersion: VB6
Author: Rudi KurniadiSubmitted: 4/15/2009Downloads: 4477
Multi Color MsFlexGrid is easy and simple. Give color in every cell MsFlexGrid with every color. Rudi Kurniadi

BVS ChartVersion: VB 2005
Author: Bashar Rabatt ( BVS )Submitted: 3/26/2009Downloads: 4576
Chart Control in VB 2005.

Simple Interest CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: GOUTAM RAYSubmitted: 2/18/2009Downloads: 3062
This is my 8th Code for the beginners with easy and attractive interface. For more experience, please visit my site at :

VisualResizerNetExVersion: VB 2005
Author: Jean-Charles Nieweadomski Submitted: 12/5/2008Downloads: 4007
Automatic and mouse controls resizing (and moving), Add resizable controls into Form titlebar and scroll or flash form caption.

Toggle Switch Control With EventsVersion: VB6
Author: Alan GuySubmitted: 12/3/2008Downloads: 3438
A simple usercontrol/ocx. Displays 3 switch styles and has event for switch ON and switch OFF. A mouse click toggles the switch and event.

Smart Grid ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Karunarathna MadakaladeniyaSubmitted: 9/23/2008Downloads: 5121
This program uses a set of text controls. But it works as a grid control. You can scroll it and if you select a row it will be highlighted.

Load Controls In Run Time And Handle EventsVersion: VB6
Author: NeverGiveUp26Submitted: 9/8/2008Downloads: 3456
It is A Pain To Load Controls In Run Time And Handle Their Events. I Am Not Talking About Control Arrays. We Can OverCome This Problem Using This Technic Provided Here. Is Tested In Real World Projects. Is Safe To Use It. We Will Not Use Subclassing eith ...more>>

Advanced ComboBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Karunarathna MadakaladeniyaSubmitted: 8/13/2008Downloads: 6227
On GotFocus event in the text box, automatically list the item with list box. Item can select from the list on keyboard or mouse. When select the item from the list box, item goes to the text box. On LostFocus or KeyPress ivent in the list box the list bo ...more>>

Disable Right Click Popup MenuVersion: VB6
Author: Nikunj BhattSubmitted: 8/5/2008Views: 14843
This is can be used for many type of controls, mainly for textbox, to make the user unable to open the right click popup menu. User will need only an extra Timer control for this. No need for SendMessage, Hooking or any other API. Put a Timer control ...more>>

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