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Build a Word ProcessorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 9/15/2006Downloads: 10185
This article describes an easy approach to building a simple word processor around an extended version of the Rich Text Box (RTB) control; Microsoft has made available an extended version of the RTB control that greatly eases the requirements for printing ...more>>

Put DirectX Filter Effects into Custom ControlsVersion: ASP.NET 2.0
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 9/13/2006Downloads: 2409
This article describes an easy approach to creating custom web controls used to display Microsoft DirectX Image Transformation filter effects in an ASP.NET 2.0 web page. The article includes a class library containing eleven different controls, each of ...more>>

Flexgrid with row(s) or column(s) selectedVersion: VB6
Author: amit kumar dhimanSubmitted: 9/7/2006Views: 30313
This code is able to select row(s) or column(s) by using ctrl key. This code can be modified according to need easily . The name of MSFLEXGRID is "fgtable".

A Simple Example of Tree ViewVersion: VB6
Author: Shravn Kumar JaiswalSubmitted: 9/1/2006Downloads: 7078
Just A Simple Example of Tree View link with Ms Access Database.

Office ProjectVersion: VB6
Author: Orillaza, Jefferson M.Submitted: 8/21/2006Downloads: 6044
The zip file includes 2 folders : 1st shows how to use listview and image list control; 2nd shows how to use tree view and image list control. I did this project during our training. Hope you'll learn from it.

Add Form Controls at Run-timeVersion: VB6
Author: DeepSubmitted: 8/12/2006Views: 20172
Add TextBox dynamically during runtime.

Disable TextBox Right Click popup menu - Very EasVersion: VB6
Author: Siddharth SrivastavaSubmitted: 8/7/2006Views: 35391
Disable TextBox control's right click context menu to appear without using any API.... There are several other hard ways to do this (like SendMessage, Hooking etc.) But here is the most simple three line code you can use in your application - No API ! O ...more>>

Using RichTextBox and lvButton Version: VB6
Author: kim lin tzeSubmitted: 7/18/2006Downloads: 4062
Multiline function using richtextbox and the button can change colour easy when mousepoiter focus on the button. Also show the function keydown or ""Enter" without using the mouse.

Process ListerVersion: VB6
Author: Martin SykesSubmitted: 7/3/2006Downloads: 3887
Process Lister, class module that lists all the programs running on your computer and also allows you to close any program, can be used to make task managers, program blockers, patches etc... also comes with a simple example.

Control Panel Access Using Vb.Net 2005Version: VB 2005
Author: Dawood AzizSubmitted: 6/19/2006Downloads: 7499
Control Panel Access Using Vb.Net 2005. Using this Code you can access items of Control panel in your .net application.

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