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Learn Basics of VBVersion: VB6
Author: Parthiban.TSubmitted: 3/31/2007Downloads: 7433
Collection of 10 vb source codes will teach you to use the basic controls in vb and how to program easily in vb.

Automatic Rich Text Box Coloring and FormattingVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Rostislav V. KonnovSubmitted: 2/7/2007Downloads: 6411
Class for Automatic Rich Text Box Coloring and Formatting. Includes schema definition so you can set your own coloring and formatting options. Test project included.

Displaying pdf file in vb formVersion: VB6
Author: NileshBEITSubmitted: 1/24/2007Views: 13842
Displays pdf using webbrowser control. Requires acrobat reader preinstalled.

Use of MS Agent ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Haresh E. JaiswalSubmitted: 1/23/2007Downloads: 5566
This sample application demonstrates how to use Agent control in visual basic 6.

OutlookBarVersion: VB 2005
Author: Petkovic VladaSubmitted: 10/31/2006Downloads: 9814
Excellent .Net control with Outlook Bar implementation.

Custom Styled DropDown ComboBoxVersion: VB6
Author: ViSiONSubmitted: 10/28/2006Downloads: 6347
This is Custom Styled Dropdown ComboBox. It Uses 1 Api and very easy to understand Code.

Currency ConverterVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/5/2006Downloads: 9803
This application converts the value of U.S. dollars to euros and pounds, based on changing currency exchange rates.

Olsen Realty - Commision CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/3/2006Downloads: 3539
Realty commission calculator using NumericUpDown control.

Pacific Realty - Commision CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/2/2006Downloads: 3097
Realty commission calculator using TrackBar control.

Digital PadVersion: VB6
Author: Goutam RaySubmitted: 9/20/2006Downloads: 4695
GOOD BYE to Windows Notepad. Digital Pad is much better. Please see for yourself. Please read "Readme" after download.

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