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Usesage of SendMessage APIVersion: VB5
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 10/23/2004Downloads: 11918
This program is a complete use of the API function, SendMessage....

Solar Radiation Calculator - 3DVersion: VB6
Author: Saeed SerpooshanSubmitted: 10/23/2004Downloads: 7623
This is a great pure vb program to calculate solar radiation on 3D surfaces. It has a powerful graphical interface using Win-API functions to show objects in 3D. In graphic window use these keyboard-mouse for rotate/size view: (Ctrl)=Zoom , (Shif ...more>>

API Functions (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: SureshBabu.MSubmitted: 10/4/2004Downloads: 16669
This file contains API functions in text files. You just to copy and paste them in your programs.

Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 9/29/2004Downloads: 17903
VB API BANK A full source code of API functions with an example for each one More than 190 API Functions, More than 450 Constants, More than 90 Types, And Full Virtual keys Constants Are gathered together in one useful project Codes are separated f ...more>>

NetInfoVersion: VB.NET
Author: Leonardo BertiSubmitted: 9/21/2004Downloads: 7483
This is a simple console application that shows how to use the NetServerEnum api under

Single Application InstanceVersion: VB5
Author: B.Arul KumarSubmitted: 8/5/2004Downloads: 6370
This is my Fourth Submission in this site. Using this Single App code you can prevent your application opening more than one instance. It will be really useful when you are about to program a big application. You can prevent user to open your program mor ...more>>

Great API DealVersion: VB.NET
Author: Mohammad AlianNejadiSubmitted: 8/2/2004Downloads: 13668
This file contains 93 API function in example, these are in text files. I've done it for ease and not to make you confused. You need just to copy and paste them in your programs and use them. I will soon also publish my API DLL in VB 6.0, that contains mo ...more>>

Program LauncherVersion: VB6
Author: MeyyappanSubmitted: 6/22/2004Downloads: 6551
Program Launcher is a simple utility to launch files/folders by pressing a combination of keys, irrespective of whichever application is active. This utility is similar to the one used by multimedia keyboards. All multimedia keyboards makes use of a progr ...more>>

Adding Icon On to the System TrayVersion: VB6
Author: S.Ananth \ G.ShivaSubmitted: 6/19/2004Downloads: 9624
This program is used to add Project icon and menu to system tray.This mainly concern about VB APIs. This coding is inheritable to any other project.

Use SendMessage to undo textbox entriesVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 5427
Use the SendMessage to utilize the Undo of a textbox.

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