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Switch Input language via APIsVersion: VB6
Author: RoofosSubmitted: 7/25/2005Downloads: 6162
Switch keyboard Input language via APIs.

Auto shutdownVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 7/12/2005Downloads: 10352
This program will automatically shutdown when the time is mentioned. The time should be in HH.MM.SS Format. If you are satisfied with this program Please mail me ur comments. Expecting your comments

Hot KeysVersion: VB6
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 6/21/2005Downloads: 6877
This utility allows the user to make the Numberpad as a mulimedia keyboard, they can assign any application to those keys and can invoke it. This project also explain the usageof API calls to minimize application to system tray, API calls to access .ini f ...more>>

CD Drive Open/close in Visual BasicVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 6/18/2005Downloads: 9417
One of my friends Cd-drive did not work properly to open and close the drive door. The open/close drive button had a problem itseems. So I decided to write a program which can open and close the drive automatically with the help of windows api. Here it is ...more>>

Menu-Related APIsVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad JahanzaibSubmitted: 3/1/2005Downloads: 7743
This is a complete use of menu-related APIs.

OpenFileVersion: VB6
Author: DexterSubmitted: 2/17/2005Views: 41693
The OpenFile function creates, opens, reopens, or deletes a file.

Set attributes using APIVersion: VB6
Author: ojasSubmitted: 1/9/2005Downloads: 5825
By using this program you can set any attribute to any file on your computer. This is programmed using API function.

Display Computer NameVersion: VB5
Author: Vicky (VJ)Submitted: 12/17/2004Views: 30410
Display your computer name.

LogicVersion: VB6
Author: errorcode100Submitted: 12/13/2004Downloads: 5304
Design simple circuits made of AND NOT and OR gates and test them. Zip file includes a circuit that adds two 4-bit binary numbers together. Uses a few GDI functions.

Images in menus with ownerdraw methodVersion: VB6
Author: Andrew ConstantSubmitted: 11/12/2004Downloads: 7217
An easy way to add images to menus. Uses a single module. All drawing to VB PicturBox, so you can draw what you like. This sample just uses a PictureBox and ImageList to put images onto menus.

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