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Make your form transparent Version: VB6
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 5/21/2007Views: 23793
Make your form transparent according to your value.

Enum Windows - With Restore OptionsVersion: VB6
Author: Carl StuartSubmitted: 12/21/2006Downloads: 4660
This project is an EnumWindows Example, It has the ability to Enumerate either all Top Level Windows on the screen or just Enumerate the windows that are currently visible. The project can also restore the window to any of the following window states: ...more>>

To build colored command buttons-irregular shapeVersion: VB6
Author: Sunil BorwankarSubmitted: 11/13/2006Downloads: 6185
I have tried to make a colored custom command button of triangular shape. What I could make is an active x command button of triangular shape, of back ground color and a triangle filled with blue color. I am not able to color the command button. Please h ...more>>

CPU usage of each processVersion: VB6
Author: MadMattSubmitted: 8/13/2006Downloads: 8382
This source code lists the processes running on you're computer and lists their individual CPU usage. I mean that for each process, you get his % of processor time, exactly like in the windows task manager.

Task SecureVersion: VB6
Author: Martin SykesSubmitted: 7/17/2006Downloads: 5660
Task Secure, task manager replacement, see whats running, block programs, close programs if eating too much ram etc...

Using GetAsyncKeyState API to Identify KeyVersion: VB6
Author: vivek JanakiramanSubmitted: 4/1/2006Views: 68304
This snippet shows the user how to get the key pressed. That is if the user presses control key that key is identified. Using this we can develop applications with greater flexibility. For example we can make an application to close if a key is pressed an ...more>>

Fade Form Using SetLayeredWindowAttributes APIVersion: VB6
Author: DestroyerSubmitted: 2/14/2006Downloads: 7230
This application shows how to gradually fade in a form using the SetLayeredWindowAttributes API function.

color changerVersion: VB6
Author: vishnu sharmaSubmitted: 11/11/2005Downloads: 5024
This is a small example of the power of vb that will tell you how it helps in the process of changing the colour of the system.

.NET Class for Caps, Num & Scroll Lock ControlVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: TonesterSubmitted: 11/1/2005Views: 27420
This class will give you complete control over the CAPSLOCK, NUMLOCK and SCOLLLOCK keys. It is basically a wrapped class for a small part of the Win32 API relating to keyboard control. This code was based upon code supplied by JD.

Icon ExtractorVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad JahanzaibSubmitted: 9/1/2005Downloads: 6749
A simple use of some API Functions to extract icons from a DLL or EXE File.

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