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Caps and Num (Lock) status on screenVersion: VB 2008
Author: Piyush PatelSubmitted: 8/18/2010Downloads: 4080
This little program shows the caps lock and num lock status on the screen when its on. It shows how to use GetKeyState function , using timer object. Place the .exe of the program in the startup of your system and every time you will be shown the status o ...more>>

Quick TranslationVersion: C#
Author: Ronald L. HarshSubmitted: 8/15/2010Downloads: 3007
This is an appliation using the Google API that monitors the clipboard & translates text into any language. Very clean interface written in C# 2010.

Complete Memory DetailsVersion: C#
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 7/26/2010Downloads: 2626
Get Complete Physical, Pagefile & Virtual Memory Details.

How to Disable Ctrl + alt + Delete FunctionVersion: VB6
Author: KennethSubmitted: 4/26/2010Views: 11630
This program will disable the control + alt + delete function.

Empty Recycle BinVersion: VB 2005
Author: Abhishek KherdeSubmitted: 11/27/2009Downloads: 4274
This code is used to delete the contents of the recycle bin.

Four API Application Examples in 1 ProjectVersion: VB6
Author: amin aziziSubmitted: 11/24/2009Downloads: 4187
This Program Does 4 Actions uing API: 1: Lock Your System 2: Swap Mouse Buttons 3: Show mouse Capture Window 4: Empty System Recycle Bin This Program Includes these Api Functions: 1.SwapMouseButton Lib "user32" 2.LockWorkStation Lib "use ...more>>

Web Studio Add onVersion: VB 2008
Author: SenithSubmitted: 10/17/2009Downloads: 3222
This is a project that I started to work on. Most of the features are completed. This program can attach its self to any program or text editor and can make web programming much esier. This program will insert any web code that you select from the menu ...more>>

NASh Tool Version: VB6
Author: NavinSubmitted: 9/5/2009Downloads: 3188
NASh Tool - Windows OneClick Utilities V. 1.0.1. Displays Windows Utilities like explorer, recycle bin, my computer, history in one click.

Change cursor pics and sizeVersion: VB6
Author: ArjobSubmitted: 8/17/2009Views: 11322
Change cursor picture and size. This code is also valid in .NET. Use for more API information.

Author: Dhrubajyoti NathSubmitted: 6/27/2009Views: 13820
This example will "minimize" your program to the system tray when you click on a button, and restore it when you click the system tray icon.

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