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A Payroll CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Michael FinneganSubmitted: 6/10/2015Downloads: 3414
PayCal.OCX is a free ActiveX component which can be used in Microsoft Excel to calculate payroll and to transmit its results back to a spreadsheet, or the control can be used in a VB6.0 project. There are Demo projects included in the zip file which show ...more>>

ListView ExampleVersion: VB6
Author: Amit DhuriSubmitted: 8/1/2010Downloads: 8101
This is the easiest way to display record in Listview control. You Can also learn about Database connection and adding images in database. Reply if you like it.

AniX Trial SetterVersion: VB6
Author: Ashish KumbharSubmitted: 11/11/2009Downloads: 4885
Most easy way to Set a trial Period to our code or softwares. Insert this code or make ocx(Compiled) and use it in your code.

OCX for Open File Dialog BoxVersion: VB6
Author: Shubhanand DhawleSubmitted: 6/24/2009Downloads: 6119
Using this Control a Programmer doesn't need to Code for the Open File Dialog Box Every time.. Just Drag and Drop this control on ur Form and Click on "Open File" Command button and Also Can select The File Format option... User Can Get the Proper fil ...more>>

jcButton [A multistyle Button Control]Version: VB6
Author: Juned ChhipaSubmitted: 12/8/2008Downloads: 9366
This is a button control with 15 multiple visual styles including Vista, Oultook 2007, XP, XP Toolbar, Gel Button, and much more... Has checkbox property. Nine picture alignments along with caption alignments.

Data gridVersion: VB6
Author: Ivan StimacSubmitted: 10/17/2007Downloads: 10174
This is a free grid control. It's fully customizable, you can format each filed (set font, aligment...). You can find more of my projects on my web page.

Data Export ControlVersion: VB 2005
Author: Daud AzizSubmitted: 4/11/2007Downloads: 9968
Using this control Data can be exported to CSV, and HTML.

My Progressbar OCXVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad Adnan AfzalSubmitted: 12/30/2006Downloads: 10109
Very lightweight and color selectable progressbar with very ease of use as compare to microsoft's progressbar. I hope You all guys like this one.

ProgressBar ControlVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib MohammedSubmitted: 12/7/2006Downloads: 8924
Bored of using those age old Blue progress bars. Then this is it. This is the time to change the looks of your application. Simple to understand and modify. Go on. Unleash the power of the New Progress bar.

Advanced ListBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 11/28/2006Downloads: 9972
This activex control adds more features to normal listbox. It is still under construction but it will work well with visual basic. This is a nice Listbox with extra properties that will make your code nice. In case of any bugz please report to me since it ...more>>

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