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 All submissions by: "Omal Lasitha Mannapperuma"

Mouse Move Demonstration Version: VB6
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 7/1/2004Downloads: 6648
This small project will give you some idea about MouseMove event. It's a small but fun game. I have used a command button and one form in this project. EXE of this project is also there. Try to click the command button in that form with your mouse and see ...more>>

Open and Close CD/DVD Rom DoorVersion: VB6
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 6/26/2004Downloads: 10241
This small project will enable you to open and close your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM's door. EXE which comes from this project is also attached with the project. It will be helpful for you, if you place a copy or a shortcut of that program on your desktop. Send ...more>>

Disable Task Manager Version: VB5
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 6/5/2004Downloads: 12109
Tired of finding ways to disable the task manager in windows XP? Then download this. This program was not tested in Windows 2000 and NT platforms. So you have to test it at your own risk. In Windows 9x, ME and XP, this program works fine.

Shut down, restart, and log off DLLVersion: VB5
Author: Omal Lasitha MannapperumaSubmitted: 5/24/2004Downloads: 5798
DLL File which supports shutting down, Restarting and logging off any Windows 9x, ME and XP editions. This file is not capable of performing those tasks on Windows NT,2000 Operating Systems. If you have an ATX power supply in your machine, this file wi ...more>>
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