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 All submissions by: "Multiple Technologies"

Scribble PadVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 3/1/2004Downloads: 9284
Scribble Pad is a complete text editor, this has all the great features of Microsoft NotePad and so much more. Scribble Pad has so many features, let me list them: New, Open, Save, Save As, Page Setup, Print, Recent Files, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, ...more>>

MyDoom/Novarg Remover - UpdatedVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 1/28/2004Downloads: 5681
This application will remove the MyDoom/Novarg virus and the registry settings associated with it. This version has been updated to handle the newest variation of the virus, which is more inclined to backdoor services that the mass mailing. Take a look, a ...more>>

Bagle Worm Remover : W32.Beagle.AA@WormVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 1/23/2004Downloads: 6783
This is a removal utility for the latest version of the Bagle worm virus. This will check the location of the virus and delete it, then it will check the reg for entries related to the worm and delete those as well. You may also choose to handle this proc ...more>>

ActiveX Tutorial for the IntermediateVersion: VB6
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 12/16/2003Downloads: 7876
There are many Dll tutorials and examples on Web, and there are many more ActiveX controls. While all of them devote time to the basics, none of them spend a ton of time on other aspects of class components and their use in Visual Basic. Many areas of com ...more>>
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