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 All submissions by: "Luke Towers"

MS Notepad Clone(Complete)Version: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 5/30/2012Downloads: 2468
This is a COMPLETE clone of Microsoft Notepad, with few of my own improvements added. You might be tired of all those other 'clones' of MS Notepad by now, but I assure you, this has every single feature of MS Notepad included, all packaged in the EXACT sa ...more>>

BOMB V.5Version: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 12/21/2011Downloads: 5170
BOMB is a random chance game where you have to defuse the BOMB before time runs out. Final version 5!

SabreSmithVersion: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 12/8/2011Downloads: 2185
This is a calculator I have been working on. I have added some scientific calculator commands, but I am still trying to figure out how to add sin,cos and tan functions. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BOMB V.1 through V.3.02 with demo of V.5Version: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 12/8/2011Downloads: 2416
BOMB is a random chance game where you have to defuse the BOMB before time runs out. Version 5 is still in development, so only the demo version is included. If you have any suggestions, or discover any bugs, please email me.

SaberSmithVersion: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 12/6/2011Downloads: 2239
Random Chance Bomb defusing game V.3! This Version features a much improved GUI. Please email me if you have any ideas for it, or if you find a bug.

Random Chance Bomb Defusing GameVersion: VB 2010
Author: Luke TowersSubmitted: 9/29/2011Downloads: 4092
This game uses the Rnd() function to randomly select a winning wire. To play, you just click on a wire to try and defuse the bomb, and if your right, your lives go up two and you defuse the bomb. But if you are wrong, you blow up and you lose a life. Yo ...more>>
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