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 All submissions by: "Andrei Suba"

Students FormVersion: VB 2008
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 11/18/2008Downloads: 9526
This is the students form. I designed it for college.

Remote Control CarVersion: VB 2005
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 6/17/2008Downloads: 8748
My Final grade 12 Project was to controll a car useing the computer. Well, this is what i've come up with.

My Own BrowserVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 3/31/2007Downloads: 7248
This is the first web browser that I have made. It's pretty good. Try it!

How to make an invoice programVersion: VB 2005
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 3/28/2007Downloads: 20529
This was taken off my computer science test in class: Students are required to create a program that will calculate the total purchase of a custumer in the store. The rorm should look something like this....and it show's a picture of the program. * ...more>>

Slot ManiaVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 6/10/2006Downloads: 6974
This is a slot machine that I had to make for schooll...its not the best..but it works..:)...i added the time, and the stop watch.:)...

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