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 All submissions by: "Ali Al-Faraj "

Phonebook [v.1.0] (updated version) in C#Version: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 1/2/2009Downloads: 4236
Phonebook (updated version)using C#.

Newton Method to solve polynomials of degree 6Version: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 12/19/2008Downloads: 2491
Newton Method to solve polynomials of degree 6 (or less). It finds the root in a specified interval by the client and if there was no root in this interval, the program will find it outside the interval and will inform the client about that by a message b ...more>>

Compute the root for polynomials using bisectionVersion: C#
Author: Ali Al-Faraj Submitted: 11/25/2008Downloads: 2239
A software that compute the root for polynomials (up to degree 6) in a certain interval, using the Bisection method.
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