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 All submissions by: "Swathi Prasad.R"

Ghost Form EffectsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 3/20/2004Downloads: 8264
This APP Rips the power of API & thereby making the form appear & disappear in 3D like fashion simillar to Macromedia Flash Effects. The form appears slowly with the help of timer control from transparency to Opacity & vice versa when form unloaded. Yo ...more>>

MsAgent AnimationsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 3/14/2004Downloads: 6105
This APP proves to be a complete GUIDE to using the "MsAgent Control". Includes superb user interface, almost all methods & properties of the MsAgent character worked out. NOTE: You must place the "merlin.acs" file in "C:\MsAgent\merlin.acs"

XP ButtonVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 2/26/2004Downloads: 12565
Want an XP styled button..? Why download or write tons of code! Here it is..this has become a XPButton with 3D look merely using shape control. Take a look at the trick behind this!

Web Magician 1.0Version: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 2/20/2004Downloads: 9410
FULL FLEDGED WEB BROWSER: Demonstrates the usage of INET, WINSOCK, WebBrowser control & their HIDDEN SECRETS. Also shows how to use DOM concept through VB to extract the HTML code behind it, get the number of links on a page & what are all the links, e ...more>>

Dao, Rdo, Ado SamplesVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 1/28/2004Downloads: 12276
This APP Contains complete source code on how to use Various Database object models available in vb like (DAO,RDO,ADO), demo on Database controls as well as their objects (via coding). Has 3D & friendly interface for you .Plz check this cool app & mail me ...more>>

ADO PowerVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 1/12/2004Downloads: 7612
This demo app shows the main properties & methods present in ADO programming. Also includes how to update records programmatically using this concept. Usefull app for beginners.

File OperationsVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 11/17/2003Downloads: 9574
This App shows a simple demonstration on almost all file operations using simple understandable examples like file renaming, creating, deleting files,directories, & a lot more.

CDRom HandlerVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 11/11/2003Downloads: 8089
Hi there! This Demo rips the power of API & gives u all details like : - check if CDROMDrive is present, check for CDROM if inserted,opens & closes the CDDrive, displays label name, serial name & allows u to modify the CDROM label dynamically using VB-API ...more>>

TreeView DisplayVersion: VB6
Author: swathi prasad.RSubmitted: 11/5/2003Downloads: 10914
All VB lovers particularly hate TreeView control as it's a little bit complex, that's what I thought at first, but BELIEVE ME its really fun & powerfull & brings the real Windows Look & Feel to your apps. Here my full demo on this cute control.

Thumbnail CreatorVersion: VB6
Author: Swathi Prasad.RSubmitted: 9/20/2003Downloads: 6788
An excellent sample to show you how to create thumbnail for .tif images using imgthumbnail control. So simple, yet powerfull.

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