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 All submissions by: "Gideon Isaac"

Kmeans clustering algorithmVersion: VB 2010
Author: Gideon IsaacSubmitted: 11/15/2012Downloads: 3094
Given a set of points (can be 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, etc.) find clusters of points and the centers of those clusters. The program uses matrix operations, and so could be speeded up with a matrix library, but at the moment it hard-codes any matrix ...more>>

Download web flles (js, css, htm) and save to diskVersion: VB 2010
Author: Gideon IsaacSubmitted: 2/5/2011Downloads: 2572
Suppose you find a website that has cool javascript features. You look at the source, and it refers to 20 js and css files. In this program, you can paste the references to all of these as: "http://theurl/thefile.css" "http://theurl/thefile2.css" etc. ...more>>

Concatenate file contents in folders and subfolderVersion: VB 2010
Author: Gideon IsaacSubmitted: 2/5/2011Downloads: 2496
If you have a set of files that contain text (such as css files, js files, htm files, txt files) in a subfolder, you can concatenate them into one large file. You have the option to prefix each section by the name of the file it came from, and you have th ...more>>

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